Motorola RLN6501 Enhanced Covert Pack-n-Go Kit With Mission Critical Accessories

Model Number:  RLN6501

Ideal for the most covert situations when moving freely without drawing attention is a must. With the tiny receiver totally hidden in your ear and the communications loop under your shirt or jacket, you can listen to your radio in complete privacy—no one can see any equipment. Hide the microphone under your collar to communicate securely while concealing the radio in a briefcase or backpack. These kits include a nylon carry case that allows you to conveniently organize and store covert accessories, so you can access them quickly in undercover operations.



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Performance Characteristics

Performance Characteristics


Microphone: ON Y ADAPTER


Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Weight (LB-Pound): 0.01

Dimensions (IN-Inch): 0.5 (W) 14.5 (H) 11 (L)

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